A downloadable project for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ved is an external editor for VVVVVV levels!

It is suitable for small levels as well as the largest ones, and anything in between. Ved works directly with your VVVVVV levels folder, so you can get started with little configuration necessary. You can even still quickly playtest from anywhere in your level with the press of a button!

Ved works with both the full version of VVVVVV (Steam, Itch.io) as well as the free Make and Play edition.


Since 2015, Ved has gotten a lot of development and finetuning to make level editing easier, more comfortable, and more powerful. Therefore, it has many improvements over VVVVVV's built-in editor, such as:

  • An undo/redo feature, a fill bucket, custom brush sizes, selection stamps, the ability to move entities around
  • The ability to copy and move rooms, even between different levels
  • Different styles of maps that give you an overview of your whole level
  • Easy access to internal scripting
  • A script editor with syntax highlighting, mouse/selection support, the ability to give flags names that can be used directly in scripts, see which flags have been used in the level, and more
  • Level notepad in which you can keep notes, changelogs, ideas and more
  • A search feature for scripts, room names and level notes
  • The ability to compare differences between two versions of a level
  • Automatic backups when overwriting a level file
  • A music file editor and graphics viewer specifically made for VVVVVV
  • Plugins feature that allows you to change Ved in almost any way

Ved is still being updated, so from time to time you'll find new improvements that make level editing even better!


Ved (Windows) 5 MB
Version 1.10.1 Aug 09, 2022
Ved (macOS) 9 MB
Version 1.10.1 Aug 09, 2022
Ved (Linux AppImage) 6 MB
Version 1.10.1 Aug 09, 2022
Ved (LÖVE package) 900 kB
Version 1.10.1b Aug 12, 2022

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